Change In Products But Not In Quality!

Change In Products But Not In Quality!

Mar 16, 2022

As much as I love showcasing different products, recently, I realized that I (and most certainly, you, my dear customer) always preferred lightweight, fun tapestries.

To make everyone's life easier, I decided to focus mainly on tapestry, which resulted in removing other products.
This comes with the benefit of having an easy-to-use website, so you can find the tapestry you are looking for. I am also planning to widen the available designs and the warehoused items.

I am still looking forward to getting a word or two from you regarding my products.
What designs would you like to see more of? Is there a color you think lacks the chance of being featured?

You can let me know anytime you want to contact me, I am always open to new ideas. Who knows, maybe you'll be the one telling me the idea that changes everything!

From now on look out for new designs!

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