• A Stylish, Space-Saving Home Upgrade

    A Stylish, Space-Saving Home Upgrade

    There’s no better time than the present to upgrade your house with space-saving door hardware.Β Swapping out traditional swinging doors for smooth-gliding, wall-mounted sliding door hardware can add up to 14 square feet of floor space, which leaves more room for spreading out toys and games while giving a spacious feel to nearly any room in your house. Making the switch also allows for more...
  • Kid-Friendly Brain Food for Busy School Days

    Kid-Friendly Brain Food for Busy School Days

    Starting a new school year, whether in the classroom or online, brings excitement for kids of all ages. Opportunities to see friends, make new acquaintances and explore new areas of interest abound. Along with the exciting times can also come early mornings with hectic moments getting ready, including making sure that lunches and snacks are packed for the day ahead. Keep fresh grapes from...
  • 5 Simple, Natural Ways to Boost Immunity

    5 Simple, Natural Ways to Boost Immunity

    Your body’s immune system protects against illness and infection, fighting off threats before you even know there’s a problem. Even though your immune system usually does its job automatically, you can give it a boost with habits that promote wellness and support immunity. Eat healthy fruits and vegetables. Although you may not be aware they contain flavonoids, these phytochemicals found in some fruits and...
  • Plan a Pet-Friendly Getaway

    Plan a Pet-Friendly Getaway

    For pet parents, traveling can be tricky, from finding a reliable pet sitter to worrying about your pet’s separation anxiety while you’re gone. To help alleviate some stress, consider a popular alternative: bringing your pet along for the journey. As Americans are hitting the roads, many will do so with their pets. The majority (54%) of cat and dog owners plan to travel with...
  • Attract More Birds to Your Backyard

    Attract More Birds to Your Backyard

    Basic tips for feeding wild birds With all the constraints people lived through in 2020, many turned to their own backyards – nature, in particular – for hope, solace, wonder and even entertainment. Despite the worldwide crisis, nature’s normalcy remained intact; flowers continued to bloom, bees continued to pollinate and birds continued to fly and forage food. Feeding birds can be enjoyable for any...
  • 5 Ways to Support Ocean Health

    5 Ways to Support Ocean Health

    The ocean covers more than 70% of Earth’s surface, produces more than half of the world’s oxygen and is home to more than 700,000 species. However, according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, scientists estimate if nothing is done, 90% of the world’s tropical reefs will be gone by 2043, threatening 25% of marine life and impacting nearly 500 million people who depend...
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