Free Coloring Page - Downloadable Floral Page
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Free Coloring Page - Downloadable Floral Page

Jun 10, 2021

In the past couple of years, coloring pages became very popular. I can understand why: it is an exceptionally terrific opportunity to relax and achieve peace of mind while having fun.

So I hope I'm not late with the coloring page that I drew recently, and I want to offer it to you for free.

About The Free Coloring Page

Unfortunately, I don't have it physically, but I hope that you'll be able to print it out for your coloring session.
Or I have a better idea! I include a transparent version as well. All you need to do is to open it in a drawing software and color it there.

Detailed Free Floral Coloring Page - Flowers with Girl

You can color it with anything you like. Personally, I'm all for digital coloring, but colored pencils work perfectly, too.

To Receive the Coloring Page

You just need to subscribe to my email list! Everyone who subscribes in June and July will receive an email with the link. 
You can find the subscription form at the bottom of this post or you can subscribe through a pop-up.
The zip will include two files and one helpful description.

Free Coloring Page - Downloadable Floral page

There is More!

I know that I will draw more of these, and I want to include each of them in the newsletters. So by subscribing once, you'll be able to download every one of them -- not to mention that I'll update on other stuff as well.

Isn't that enough?

Then let me tell you something! Since I love the calming effect of coloring patterns, I want to promote it as much as I can. Therefore, Every year I'll draw one lucky participant's name who'll receive a tapestry for free!

For participating, you can do two things:
First, send me a photo of your artwork. Next, share your artwork on Facebook and tag my page @brandlessartist. If you do the second part too, your name will be twice in the hat.

So, one thing left: have fun!

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