Free Printable Bookmarks with Poe's Raven


I have this obsession with books. I was a child when I fell in love with reading β€” starting with the Harry Potter novels of course...
Since then whenever I hold a book in my hand, I love how it grabs me to another world. It is my escape from the everyday's work and sometimes even from struggles.

I want to share this happiness with you by inspiring you to read more. That's why I started to design bookmarks that you can print out.

Free Bookmarks with Poe's Raven

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The first set of bookmarks are related to one of the best poem: The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe.

Why this poem for the bookmarks you ask?
Because I just love this poem, don't you? And an ink raven looks good on the old paper texture. It makes the perfect match for classic readings β€” like the novel The Red and The Black by Stendhal which I'm reading currently.

To receive the printable Raven bookmarks, just enter your mail below. I will send the printables for you immediately. :)

Thanks for stopping by! Can’t wait to share more of my crafty fun with you!



  • Posted on by Christine Allner
    Ich bereite ein Raben Junkjournal vor u d diese Lesezeichen mit dem Raben von Edgar Ellen Po würden klasse dazu passen. Vielen Dank und liebe Grüße
  • Posted on by Michelle
    Hope this is still available
  • Posted on by roxana m saud
    I would like the Raven bookmark printables please!
  • Posted on by Annjeanette Dunton
    I would love the crow bookmark
  • Posted on by Michele Bennett Decoteau
    Great bookmarks!

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