How to Hang a Tapestry
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How to Hang a Tapestry

Mar 18, 2019

When we want to cover our bare walls with some pleasing artwork, a tapestry can be a good choice for that. These artful and huge pieces can add ambiance, feelings and colors to your rooms, whether you hang them over your comfortable place to read, behind the TV, or next to your workplace, they can be a great addition to your home decor. 

The only question that comes into mind - after the hard decision that currently which tapestry I want on my wall - that is how to hang a tapestry. But this shouldn't stop you from having your own tapestry.

Fortunately, I have some ideas for how to hang a tapestry and some of it doesn't involve making holes in your wall.

The Simplest Way of All: Thumbtacks! 

You want to make it simple as it can be, then thumbtacks are the best choice. They will make plus holes in the tapestry but you don't have to worry about using machines and put huge holes in the wall. And if you want to switch wall hangings, you can do that easily by removing those thumbtacks. 

And the best of all: they are really cheap to buy!  

Hang it on a Rod

First of all, you'll need a curtain rod set - which must to be as long as your tapestry. 
There are two ways of doing this, depending of the artwork on your tapestry. You can drape it over a rod if it has a pattern that can be cut half. 

Tapestry hanged on rod illustrationThe other way is to use the shower curtain rings that comes with the rod, but that involves some work on the tapestry, too. You have to put some holes in the fabric to put the rings into. But if you don't want to do that - I can totally understand that - you can use blinder clips as well. They are really practical!

And yeah, you have to apply the rod on the wall, so you can put the tapestry on it. 

Have it Framed

This may costs you more, but this solution will ensure to have your tapestry hanged or moved easily. Stretching the tapestry over a wood frame can be done by you, if you are handy with your hammer - or staple gun.

Framing tapestry

But you can look up some good services too, that will make the framing for you. 

Use Self-adhesive Tape

This solution is my favorite. I don't have to put holes in the fabric, neither in the wall. Most tapestries are lightweight, therefore they don't need that much of support. I just have to be sure if I used the right amount of self-adhesive tape that will surely support my tapestry.

How to Hang a Tapestry with tape

This is a best way of hang your tapestry if you are only renting the place, or you want to make your dorm room more fun.

And the Classic Way: Hammer it! 

I can't just let this slide, I have to mention the classic way of hanging anything. This needs at least two nails and a hammer (or two screws and a drill, if you are into that). You don't have to put the holes initially in the tapestry, you can just hammer it right away. 

This is the most lazy way of hanging a tapestry.  

And now just relax and enjoy! 


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