How to Shop Online - Guide to Avoid Disappointment
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How to Shop Online - Guide to Avoid Disappointment

Jun 06, 2020

In these uncertain times, we get to know online shopping more and more, because it is so much safer and more comfortable. You are sitting on a soft sofa, listening to our favorite music that you like so much, and sipping your warm tea or coffee while browsing for new home decor.

Sounds relaxing and fun.

But that's only at the beginning of shopping.

What if the purchased item turns out inadequate? The shirt wasn't white after all, but banana yellow and the curtains are half of the size you were looking for. Disappointment... what to do now?

Well, you can ask for a refund, and you have to go to the post office to return the item - if that is an option at all. Or you can keep the thing and find someone to have it. So a lot of headaches, right?
Well, while you can't do too many things when the item is delivered, but you can certainly avoid regret by doing everything right in the beginning. 

Here are a few tips for you from an experienced shopper and shop owner.

1. Check the descriptions

The best way to avoid the headache of the wrong item sent is to read the information the shop gave to you. 
It should include valuable information about the product: the size, the material, how long it takes to be shipped, and so on. 

Some shops are tight-lipped about this information. How can you be sure if the item is right to you when you know nothing about it? 

Well, you can't be. In that case, you can write to the customer service to know more or you can find another shop to buy from.
Of course, sometimes they send you the wrong item by mistake. The best solution to contact the shop for a refund.

2. Are there any reviews? 

If the shop is not new, there will be reviews on the items from buyers already trying the products. You don't need reviews about the particular item you want to buy, but it is an excellent approach to check other items in the shop.
You will know how much you can trust the shop.
Other information is also there: was the shipping taking too long? How is the customer service? Are they responsive?
Checking reviews will give some idea whom we are dealing with. 

3. How about returns and exchanges? 

Now, this part is tricky. Some shop offers returns in case we don't like the item, and some won't accept them. And even they do returns, that doesn't mean we can send back everything: intimate items, for example, are in this category. Also, custom orders or made-to-order items are in this same category. 

You can check the policy of the shop, of course. Every shop needs one. But the best strategy is to do measurements, thinking through colors and materials before placing your order.
And you also have to know that the colors you see on the screen will always differ a bit from reality. 

4. Do you really know what you are looking for? 

If you buy something you haven't thought through beforehand, the chance of disappointment, in the end, is higher. And you then have to deal with the shop to return the item or, of course, find someone who would most definitely like it instead of you.
So, instead of "let's try this" do the "yes, this will work" approach. It will save time and money. 

Keep Online Shopping Fun

If you do these four tips about online shopping, you most like won't be disappointed when you unwrap your item.

Always consult with the shop in case something is not as you assumed and be patient with them: most likely, they are unable to make shipping services deliver your package faster, or they sent the incorrect package by mistake. They are humans, after all. 

I hope you have fun while going through a shop's listings and will always find the right item.


Happy browsing! 

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