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Steps for Decorating Your Bedroom from Scratch

May 15, 2021

If you think about it, there is a complete profession for interior designing. Yet, everyone has a room or a whole house that needs to be decorated in a way that makes us comfortable and reflects our inner self.
So far, this seems to be very challenging.

But challenge makes life more interesting!

Creating a simple design is more complicated than it looks – particularly in bedrooms, one of the most spartan rooms in the house, and overlooked.

Here are some ideas, what to do with your room.

1. Start with Colors

Choosing the primary color and a few additional ones is always the first step.
The universal rule for bedroom décor is to use a vague calming palette. Soft pinks, pale yellows, lavender, and pastel blues and greens will give you a soothing effect, which is the best when it comes to your most relaxing place in the house.

2. Focal Point

Let's talk about your bed design! One thing is sure, your bed will be the focal point of the bedroom, and its decor the cherry on top.
You need to choose the bed to fit the size of your room, so you can let it breathe. If your bed's chosen design and its decor reflect some of the primary colors, that is perfection!

3. Lighting

The ideal light is yellow, 3500K and less this gives a soothing ambiance for your room. Don't forget to add two reading lamps above your head as I figure you are a bookworm just like me. These lights will also support the ambient lighting.
And what about your curtains?
They should be huge: starting from the ceiling, ending at the floor. I love rich patterns for the blackout ones and matching, but softer in design transparent curtain, softening the incoming light.

4. Other Ideas

Decor and decor!
Add a piece of art you like that always gives an extra touch to your walls.
Are you tired of the bare floor? What about a rug that will be warm for your feet in the mornings?
Finally, add furniture for your taste. If you are a bookworm, you might need a shelf for books (and other decors).

Nude Wall Art Above Bed - How to Decor your Bedroom | Brandless Artist

And you have many other choices. I always end up surfing on the internet, hunting for inspirational photos of rooms that give me some idea where to go. I recommend that to you as well.

All for the cozy home!

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