• Make Quality Time Thanksgiving's Secret Ingredient

    Make Quality Time Thanksgiving's Secret Ingredient

      Perhaps more than usual, the centerpiece this Thanksgiving won’t be the turkey, the stuffing, or even family-famous recipes for sweet potato casserole or pumpkin pie. Instead, when gathering around a table with loved ones, the precious moments of togetherness will be what many families treasure most. This year, permit yourself savoring the holiday and all its pleasures as a participant, rather than a...
  • Practical Home Upgrades

    Practical Home Upgrades

    Practical Home Upgrades to Improve Function and Ambiance Homeowners tackling interior upgrades often focus their attention on two of the most-used rooms in the house: the kitchen and bathroom. Tailoring these rooms to your personal preferences may enhance your enjoyment of the space, but most experts recommend thinking long term for the most significant return on your investment. Kitchen Considerations As the hub of...
  • Energy-Efficient Ideas to Upgrade Your Home

    Energy-Efficient Ideas to Upgrade Your Home

    Energy bills are likely among the most significant expenses for homeowners, but you can take action to lower those costs. During a remodel, a certified contractor can help you make smart decisions when it comes to selecting appliances, windows, and insulation for your projects. Though upgrades made with efficiency in mind can vary depending on the climate you live in, the most significant energy...
  • How to Shop Online - Guide to Avoid Disappointment

    How to Shop Online - Guide to Avoid Disappointment

    In these uncertain times, we get to know online shopping more and more, because it is so much safer and more comfortable. You are sitting on a soft sofa, listening to our favorite music that you like so much, and sipping your warm tea or coffee while browsing for new home decor. Sounds relaxing and fun. But that's only at the beginning of shopping....
  • Go Ahead, Make His Day

    Go Ahead, Make His Day

    Go Ahead, Make His Day Dad-approved gifts for Father’s Day (Family Features) An entire day dedicated to dear ol’ dad may not be enough to show the depths of your appreciation, but a hug, a heartfelt thanks and some quality time (even from afar) are great places to start. When it comes to giving gifts for Father’s Day, practical and purposeful gifts are high...
  • Take Travel Online

    Take Travel Online

    A dream vacation is the perfect antidote to stress and the monotony of daily life. When a getaway isn't in the cards, you can still escape and explore new places virtually. This is just the time to do that.
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