Where Will Shopping Be 1 Year From Now?


As the COVID-19 pandemic is going on, our life changes in so many ways. I don't think it needs to much explaining on that part, because we already experiencing it on our skins: stuck at home, learning new ways of cleaning the house and thinking twice about going to the shop for that yummy pudding we crave at the moment.Β 

But how this experience will affect the ways of shopping?Β 

Family shopping from online due to corona virus

Okay, so here's what my view on this.Β 

We either get used to online shopping and buying 3 times more supplies in the supermarket than before once we go out, or we start to really hate the thought doing this non-stop. After all, we are social beings seeking others' company and we can't do that at home.
Especially, if we are alone.Β 

As for now, I see two options for you for future shopping.Β 

1. In case you haven't experienced online shopping as much in the past and you got the hang of it now, you may start to use the internet more for passing time with shopping.Β 
Just think about it: you certainly have the time to browse the items, you can read the descriptions properly while you are listening to your favorite music and not that song you already heard a billion times in the radio.Β 

2. Or you get bored by it big time, especially if you liked to go out with a friend shopping, and chatting about everyday's happenings. For some going to the supermarketΒ is also a family time.Β 

How shopping will look like in a year

So, what will happen?

Based on this, you can be sure that shopping will change but mostly for individuals. Some will shop every day, some will stick to online shopping as much as they can and there will be some changes in regards of going to the supermarket.

Shops will be more preparedΒ by stocking the important supplies (like toilet paper) and can do safety measures to avoid the spread of viruses. And of course, they will always be more clear and shiny. :)Β 
We will be all more experienced with online shopping for sure,Β therefore shops will less likely to be crowded all the time.

Because we will most certainly learn something important too: howΒ we can save time by thinking through whatΒ we will need in the next couple of days.
By that you can save money too, because we usually tend to buy some extra stuff when we went shopping only for one soap or a box of cookies.Β 

Final words

However we can't be certain about the outcomes, we can be sure it will change a lot of things regarding shopping. We learn new skills and get used to strange situations. But after all, life goes on.


So, what do you think?
Will you go out more or stick to online shopping when you can?Β 


Stay safe!Β 

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