Why Mountain Tapestries? A Love Story About Hiking
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Why Mountain Tapestries? A Love Story About Hiking

Jul 23, 2022

Long story short, I love mountains. But that’s a bit short for a whole blog post, isn’t it?

Coming Use To Them As a Child

I have to make it longer by telling you, I grew up close to mountains. As a child we went on regular hikings to the nearby mountain. It was an easy hike, we walked on the asphalted road to find the way to amazing landscapes, wonderous springs, luxurious greens.

We also find some forgotten buildings in the forest, that was interesting for my imaginative mind of a child, that tweaked other interests late in my life, but that’s an other story. To be honest, as a child I didn’t appreciate these hikings that much, but I liked spending some time with my family outdoors.

Changing Scenery As an Adult

Around the time when I moved to the capitol city of Hungary as a young adult, I felt some change under my skin. It was the way how I started to see and feel things. You know the phase when you just want hang out with friends, drinking your favorite (and cheap) alcohol, not caring about anything, but also how you start to understand what you are interested in.

Gloomy Mountain Forest Photo In Austria

Hiking became something exciting with friends in those years, and having the option to get to know new mountains was just the icing on the cake.
While I didn’t have that much of money to travel and see other places, I enjoyed every moment of hiking in the yet-to familiar mountainscape.

Seeking Love, Moving Again

Man In Howth Island Dublin Ireland

And then came a new change: I met with the love of my life and for him I moved to a lovely, smaller city — in the middle of a plain.
I missed the moments when while sipping on my coffee in the early morning at 9-ish, I could enjoy the sight of the mountains in the far. That wasn’t anymore, but in exchange I had the partner I was always looking for.

The Perfect Solution

And to be honest, after a while I realized, that I haven’t lost anything. Okay, there was no more “good morning beautiful mountains” but I had a partner who actually loved hiking more than me! And as we had more chance to travel, we targeted mountains that we could hike.
It is exciting to open the maps and go trough it to decide where to go next. We always get in the car, and stay for a couple of days to be sure we have the time to do hiking.

Funny Dog Trying to catch the Frizbee

We also adopted a very energetic dog, Bael, who is crazy about going on very long walks (or runs) with us, so he became an addition to our hike-loving small family.

Finding The Balance With Mountain Tapestries

While I can spend just a couple of days at once in close range of a mountain, I was able to prolong the feel of it. Thanks to my artistic skills, I could draw, paint and design artworks of majestic mountains.
Sometimes sketching a view I seen or just making up something I would like to see. This became a habit, and when I met with the option of tapestry printing, I knew that I want to print very large mountainscapes to add it to my shop.

Now in most of the rooms we have mountain tapestries. Sometimes I switch them, depending on my mood or the change in design, but mostly I go with mountains.

Scottish Mountain Tapestry

I am keeping this traveling habit as long as I can walk (so that means a couple of hundred years — fingers crossed for advanced medical options for prolonging life). I am happy to see more and more places with my now-husband and our furry kid, and I keep taking photos of the places we are visiting.

And when I am at home, I look at the tapestries.

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