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Every shop has its story, a mission, a person who started the whole thing, which gives something unique to the items you are looking at. Learn more about the artists the ideas that helped change the look of your home.

Brandless Artist is maybe more of a nick than an actual business name, as only one person is behind it all, and that’s me, Anita, a Hungarian artist, and business owner.

My work is to design the tapestries...

...but next to it I am responsible for customer service, and the website. So if you want to hit up the shop with a message, you’ll speak with me. : ) Then the designed tapestries are either becoming print-on-demand products or creating a stock of them. Both variations are available in the shop.

The Beginnings

As an aspiring artist, I wanted to see my artworks in other people’s homes, and I made a lot of custom orders. Then I jumped ahead to familiarize myself with the world of art prints after I got to know the platform Etsy.
It was a fantastic opportunity for me to start selling my art in the form of prints, but after a while, I wanted something else. I recognized that a textile print can be more affordable than a paper print, which meant I could distribute my art even more. Not only that, but the size can be very huge!
I imagined how a wall is all covered with a design I made myself! I added some more pictures to this dream, as I imagined people doing their everyday life in front of this tapestry, and that wall décor added an ambiance to the whole scene.
That thought made me very happy.

That’s when I decided to start selling these excellent wall hangings.

My People

Although the shop is managed by me, I couldn’t do anything without amazing friends. They are contributing to this shop more than one way.

Artist & Owner

Anita Mihalyi

Artist & Emotional Supporter


Tattoo Artist & Designer


Spouse & Programmer


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