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Learn more about who we are and what is our target.

About This Shop

Brandless Artist offers a variety of designs printed mostly on home decors. We work mostly with real artist to ensure unique designs for these products.
We also collected other designs we thought of would be great additions to our selections.

Providing the Best Quality

Brandless Artist is working with selected manufacturers who make the best quality products. They help us print our designs then pack and ship it for us. They can provide the cheapest and best shipping solutions.

What We Do

Of course, our first priority is to create artworks that we think would fit with a home decor.
Next to it, we are also listening to you, our customers, answer any possible question that may pops up. We are continuously in contact with the print providers and monitor their work.

The Begginings

We started out as a small shop in 2013 on Etsy. In the beginnings it was only me.
I had no clue about how to sell and what, so I just submitted my artworks as art prints. I went to a printing office when I had sales then packed & shipped them by myself.


I realized that I want to reach more people with my artworks. I discovered new ideas about how I could bring my artworks to much more people's home: with custom made decors.
That's when I started trying out tapestries, pillows and other decors. I started to like to see the look of my designs printed on these useful products and I was feeling really happy that other people loves my works so much they have it in their home.

Our Story

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Our Story

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About The Owner, Anita

I started to fall in love with arts in 2008 and it is still one of my passions. In the beginning I had the dream of making this a full-time job for myself, making the hobby the source of my living.
Then with hard work, it happened! A dream came true when I started to work by commissions, made happy customers with my portraits and other artworks. Couldn't ask for more!

About Me

There are not too much to tell, but let's try.
I'm passionate about baking sweets for my partner, reading good novels in my comfortable beanbag and turn off the outside world for a couple of hours. I love to cuddle with my dog or go for a long walk with him.
And coffee. I'm huge fan of coffee.

As an Artist

My artist name is "Thubakabra", that shows more of my inner side when it comes to arts. I want to be someone who is good with translating this inner world into a visual explanation.

Our Target

Our target is to spread our artworks among those who appreciate arts. We are committed to this fully and we hope that our artworks can reach as many people as possible.
Because decorating our home is a good way to make the best ambiance we like to spend our time in.

Behind the scene

We are the ones providing the fine designs and the maintenance of the website.

Anita 'Thubakabra' Mihalyi

Founder, Manager & Artist

Eva Pilipar

Artist & Emotional Supporter

Rita Koczian

Tattoo Artist & DesignerDesigner
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