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Brandless Artist - Frequently Asked Questions.


In case you have a question, you may find your answer here. If not, please contact us.


What type of products do you have?

We offer mostly home decors. Brandless Artist has wall tapestries, throw pillows, art prints, bedding, shower curtains, bath mats, towels and rugs.

Why each product takes 2-5 days to be shipped?

We believe in unique home decors which means we offer items that cannot be found anywhere. For that, we need to manufacture the items once it was ordered and that takes a few days to be done. 

Only exceptions are a few wall tapestries.

What payment methods do you offer?

Currently we only have PayPal and some credit card payment methods as well. When checking out, select the "debit card, credit card" payment method below the PayPal button.

Can I rush my order?

We do not offer the option for rushed orders.


Where do you ship?

Our partners are located in the USA, we offer more than one shipping methods for most products on domesticated shipping. Every product available to US. We also ship to Canada (tapestries, art print, pillows, small dobby rugs, shower curtains and bath mats) and the UK (small and medium tapestries, art prints, shower curtains and bath mats).

What shipping services you use?

Mostly we use USPS first class (5-7 days), USPS priority mail (2-3 days) and USPS first class (15-30 days) for international orders. 

Do you ship internationally? 

Yes, we do to several countries, but not every products because of the high cost of shipping. Please note, that shipping outside of USA always takes more time, about 15-30 days.

How much the shipping to my country? 

The cost depends on the product and where you're located. We recommend to add the product to your cart and see the shipping price at checkout. 

I provided a wrong address, how do I change it?

We recommend to contact us immediately. Unfortunately, if the order was already shipped, we can't do anything. We recommend to double-check your shipping information.


How do I return a product? 

We do have an option for returns. Since we work with different manufacturers, please, contact us first to give you the shipping address.

What about replacements? 

Satisfaction is guaranteed, but we do offer reprints or replacements for faulty or lost orders.

How do I get a refund? 

After you shipped the item back, we pay a full refund. Please note, that the cost of the return is paid by you. If the item is not returned in its original condition, the buyer is responsible for any loss in value.

In case the wrong size/color was ordered or the shipping details were incorrect, we do not offer refund, but please, contact us to find a solution.

In case of customized orders, we do not offer a refund, since that product was personalized for you.  

What to do if I receive the wrong product?

We always double-check the orders, you should receive the chosen item. In case that you received the wrong product, we offer a replacement and you can keep the wrongly sent item.

Please note that if the wrong size/color was ordered or the shipping details were incorrect, we do not offer refund, but please, contact us to find a solution.

Custom Orders

Do you offer customization?

Yes, we do, but there are a few items that can be customized. Please, contact us to discuss the matter of customization. 

How can I customize my order?

First you have to contact us to ask for customization. Please, note that a few items are not up for customization. 

What customization can I request?

To most our designs, we can add custom texts. We can also change the colors in most cases. Please, contact us before placing the order.

Can I return the customized item?

We do not offer refund for customized items. 

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