About Brandless Artist

What type of products do you have?

Brandless Artist sells tapestry wall hangings. The best choice when it comes to large wall décor, as it is easy to hang, there is no need for framing and covers a much larger wall surface.

What's the meaning of Brandless Artist?

A good question! I was always someone who can't stick to the same thing for long (by now I know that I have ADHD), hence no strong brand could ever come along in design. I empower this diversity with the name of my small business.

What do you mean by artist-made tapestries?

While many other shops use tapestries that were designed in China for mass production, I like the idea of unique artworks. All the items in this shop were designed by me or one of my artist friends.

Do you use AI for creating your designs...?

No, all of us refuses the use of AI for creting designs or artworks. I think that doing something with my own hands has more value and value is something I want to sell for my customers.

Shipping & Payment

Why some product takes 2-5 days to be shipped?

My main focus is to offer a wide variety of home décor, that is unique and can’t be found anywhere else. That said, those tapestries that are not already in stock, are printed on demand once you place your order, which takes a couple of days to be printed. 

Where do you ship?

Every item shipped to the US and Canada. To the US shipping is free. 

Where from do you ship?

It depends on the tapestry! All tapestries are shipped from the US but from different parts of it. The lower priced tapestries are shipped from a warehouse in NJ, while the other ones are shipped from NC or FL.

Do you offer tracking for orders?

Yes, I offer tracking information for all the orders.

What shipping services you use?

Your order is shipped with USPS first class (5-7 days), USPS priority mail (2-3 days) for US orders.
To Canada and Mexico, I use DHL and USPS that takes 3-15 days.
To non-EU countries, I use Spring and USPS, that takes 3-15 days.

Do you ship internationally?

Currently the tapestries ship only to US, Canada, Mexico and Non-EU countries.
But please, reach out for more information, I may look up some shipping for you.

How much is the shipping to my country?

The cost depends on the product and where you're located. To US it is free of charge but other countries has a shipping cost.

Shipping cost for tapestries that are shipped from NC or FL:

Canada: 4.9 USD
Mexico: 5.7 USD

Shipping cost for tapestries that are shipped from NJ:

Canada: 4.99 USD

What payment methods do you offer?

Currently Brandless Artist accepts PayPal and many credit card payment methods as well. When checking out, select the "debit card, credit card" payment method below the PayPal button.

Can I rush my order?

Unfortunately, orders can’t be rushed as I rely on other services to have the tapestries made and shipped.

Return, Refunds And Problems With Order

I provided a wrong address, how do I change it?

It is recommended to contact me immediately. Unfortunately, if the order was already shipped, not much can be done. I recommend to double-check your shipping information.

How do I return a product?

The product can be returned, but it needs to be in the same condition as it was shipped. Put it in the same wrap and do not use the thumbtack for hanging it.

What about replacements?

Satisfaction is guaranteed, but I do offer reprints or replacements for faulty or lost orders. Please note, if the status of the order is "delivered", I can't replace the tapestry, and refund is not possible. I highly recommend to reach out to USPS for additional information.

How do I get a refund?

After you shipped the item back, I pay a full refund. Please note, that the cost of the return is paid by you. If the item is not returned in its original condition, the buyer is responsible for any loss in value.

In case of customized orders, I can't offer a refund, since that product was personalized for you.  

What to do if I receive the wrong product?

In case that you received the wrong product, I offer a replacement and you can keep the wrongly sent item or I would pay for its return.

Can I return the customized item?

I do not offer refund for customized items. 


How can I customize my order?

First you have to contact me to ask for customization. Please, note that some items are not up for customization. 

What customization can I request?

To most our designs, I can add custom texts. I can also change the colors in most cases. Please, contact me before placing the order.