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COVID-19 Update


We are doing everything in our power to maintain our services, but naturally, the pandemic takes its toll on many things. 


Currently shipping from US is the usual, but in some cases the packages delayed. Usually it would take about 2-4 days for the packages to arrive, but in some instances it can take 2 weeks as well or the package can be lost too.
You can also check current updates on Corona virus on the website of USPS.

Shipping details during Covid19

Please note, from June 12th, some products are not available for the US. 

As for international packages, that is something that truly hectic right now. We advice to order only if you are able to wait for it. In some cases the delivery may takes up to 2 months. 

In every case we provide tracking for the packages so you can monitor its way to you. If you see that they stuck for weeks in the same place it doesn't mean necessary that it is lost for sure. Only just 2% of the packages will going to be lost.
In the case of lost or delayed packages, please, contact us.
We got you covered, though. If the package is lost for sure, we will give you a full refund. 


Right now the printing of the products is the same, it is very rare to have a delay with that. Only art prints experience more time to be printed.


Is the packages from China contagious? 
There is no proof that the virus can survive on the surface of the packages or its content. See this article from CBS News regarding this matter.

Is there a way to have my package delivered in time for sure? 
As far as we can tell, express shipping methods can help but only a bit. They can also stuck as other packages but if they experience nothing like that they will surely delivered sooner. 
In case you paid for express shipping but it is not delivered within the reasonable time frame, we will refund the shipping cost.

Fixed Problem with Shipping


After receiving messages of a problem with shipping we are happy to announce that everything is back to normal. If you experienced a problem saying that we can't ship to your location, please try again. We can ship to the US, Canada, Australia and many other countries among others.

We will soon release more information where we ship to soon. Thanks for your patience

Continuing Shipping to US!


It seems that shipping to the US can continue for all of the items in our shop. Of course, we are still not out of the woods, but let's hope this is a sign of getting back to normal.
In case you worry about shipping time, please contact us for information. Recently, we experiencing delays in delivery, so if you want something in hurry, please choose wisely.

Some Products Are Not Available for US


Due to the pandemic, some flights were canceled from China to US, therefore shipping would take too much time. Therefore some products are temporarily not available for US. 

Once everything gets back to normal, we will start to sell these products (currently throw pillow cases and tapestries) to US again. We will, of course, do an update on this page. 

Please, check back soon for new information! If you have any questions, you can contact us. 

We ship to Australia! 


Due to the many request, as of today we started to ship to Australia as well. Though not all items will be available thanks for the high shipping price from the US but we enable as many products as we can. 

The majority of these items are produced in China to ensure the best prices for you. As for the shipping times, it still takes a couple weeks up to a month to deliver the products but we ensure tracking for these packages. 
As always, in case of lost packages we offer a full refund. 

Please, check back once we updated the full inventory! If you find an item appealing but you don't see it available to Australia, you can contact us and we manage to have it done for you. 

Stay safe! 

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