How to care for your Wall Tapestry

When I buy something, I want them to last long and fulfill their purpose 100%. I love when the freshly purchased item looks good.

Now, you may wonder what are those wrinkles on your tapestry and how can you remove it. It is okay to have those creases, folding a textile for a long time usually cause something like this but can be removed easily.

But if you fancy the wall hanging like that, it’s okay too. I received a lot of photos from customers proudly showing off their newly decorated rooms, and they are not bothered by the wrinkles.

How to remove wrinkles?

When you receive your tapestry, you’ll notice that it has wrinkles from being folded for some time.

I have two methods against creases.
The first is just to give it a wash. After washing it, hang it streched out so it will straighten beautifully.
The second method is to iron it. For that, you’ll need an additional fabric that will keep the tapestry safe from the heat. You can iron it over that. For the best result, use steam.


How to wash it?

The fabric of the tapestry is 100% polyester, which is sensitive for high heat.

This tapestry can be machine washed with mild detergent and low heat.
Hang it up straight, so it doesn’t get wrinkled. Iron it in very low heat or, preferably, over a fabric to avoid damage for the fabric.